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2 reasons why millennials should support Biden for President

2020 presidential Election Day is coming soon and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. or Joe Biden is now one of the two persons who has gotten the largest attraction from the US public. Born in 1942, Joe Biden served as vice president of the US under Obama’s term and is now running for the president of the US. He is the Democratic nominee and the biggest rival of Donald Trump. At the age of 77, Biden might become the oldest US president ever elected, however, age will not stop him from getting the support from Generation Z and millennial. So what are the reasons for young people to support Joe Biden for President 2020? Keep reading, you may get surprised. 1. Biden as president will give a change for the US Due to Trump’s weak handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States was put into chaos. It can be seen that Trump did not show any motivation or concern for the US citizen. Also, he did not solve the problem of Black Live Matters . Obviously, the US needs a new president who does c