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How to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 at home (Part2)

  In the previous article, we were talking about 5 things to do to  celebrate New Year’sEve 2021 at home . Now we will keep going with 5 other New Year’s Eve 2021 activities to help you say goodbye to 2020 – a terrible year and heading to NewYear 2021 with new hope and a new happiness. 6. Celebrate New Year’s Eve virtually As a tradition of New Year’s Eve in New York, the New Year’s Ball would descend atop Times Square in the moment of 12 o’clock in the presence of thousands of New Yorkers and millions of people around the World. This year, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Time Square Alliance will hold a virtual celebration and all the performances will be streamed online. Hence, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the New Year’s atmosphere with several people. 7. Have a virtual meeting with your buddies You can’t party all night with your buddies this year due to quarantine rules? Don’t be upset, since we have a cool idea for you! Let’s have a digital meeting with a

How to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 at home

2020 is going to end in 20 days! Time flies so fast, do you agree? This year, with the spread of Covid-19, you will not have the chance to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Time Square with thousands of people like every year. However, spending New Year’s Eve at home does not mean you can’t enjoy the excitement of the New Year and wish for a better future in 2020. In this article, we love to recommend you 10 ways to  celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 at home. 1. Play boardgames with your family and friends After dinner is the perfect time for a board game match. Playing boardgames is not only for entertainment but also helps strengthen the family’s bond. You can invite some friends to come over and play together or enjoy the game with your beloved family. Below are some recommendations for board games to play on New Year’s Eve Boardgame for a group of 3 to 4 friends: Ticket to ride, Isle of Skye, Eldritch Horror Boardgame for a family with kids: Monopoly, Pictomania, Cover

What to wear at a Christmas party? (Part 2)

In the previous article of  What to wear at a Christmas party , we gave you 5 recommendations for formal events. So, you may think, what about our Christmas party at my friend’s or my family’s? To help you with your concern, in this article, we continue with 5 casual  Christmas outfit ideas . Keep reading to find out the interesting things! 1. Sweatshirt Sweatshirt are indispensable items in the Christmas season. Sweatshirt not only keep you warm but also a convenient outfit for the parties at your friend's. A funny Christmas Sweatshirt , a pair of jeans, and leather boots will make you the coolest at the party. If you are wondering which sweatshirt to buy, check out these custom designed sweatshirts at teeshirt21. You love this design? Buy it here ! 2. Hoodie Like sweatshirts, hoodies are very common items in anyone’s closet. This item can be perfect streetwear clothe and party outfits at the same time! You can mix your hoodie with skirts or jeans and a pair of sneakers to create

What to wear at a Christmas party? (Part 1)

  Christmas is coming in a few weeks! Have you received any invitations for Christmas parties? Or will you host a party yourself? No matter you are the guest or the host, the thing you are wondering is  what to wear at a Christmas party . With the following suggestions, we will help you with some nice  ideas for formal Christmas party outfits . 1. Velvet dress If you are going to a Christmas party with your company, this one will be an interesting suggestion to  wear at a Christmas party . The velvet dress is one of the hottest items in the Christmas season. This item is elegant and gorgeous at the same time. A velvet dress coming with a pair of black high-heeled sandals or pumps, and simple accessories like pearl earrings or stud earrings will make you stand out at the party and your partner can’t take their eyes off you. Remember to avoid using cumbersome accessories as they can your beautiful dress. You can choose colors like red, yellow, green, blue navy to express the festive atm