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 Father's Day which is usually the third Sunday of June will be celebrated in over a month! Together with  Mother's Day ,  Father's Day  is a meaningful time for us to appreciate our father, who raised us with his heart and braveness. Dads do not say much, but they always think for their loved family. Let’s explore 8 meaningful things to do on Father’s Day! Though some men do not want to talk about their feelings, every father is proud of his motherhood and wants to feel loved like that. While we are busy thinking about great things, a father sometimes just wants to enjoy a good time with his family and have a good meal. Happy Father's Day. [/caption] Have a surprise Father’s day party Having a party is a simple but great idea to celebrate your Father’s Day. A party will connect family members and create happy memories for everyone. You can invite some family’s friends and relatives to your party. It will be the best chance for dad to share his old stories with his chil