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Tips to be the perfect guest for your Christmas party

Christmas is the most awaited event of the year, undoubtedly. When Christmas comes, you will receive many Christmas party invitations. If you are an introvert who is not familiar with parties, you may feel confused and have no clue what to do during these parties. But you don’t need to worry any longer since we love to recommend 5 Christmas party etiquettes to help you deal with it! Let’s explore what they are! 1. Do not come too early You may think that coming to a party early means that you respect the host. However, it is not true because if you come too early and the hosts are still preparing, cooking, or decorating, it will be a bit confusing since they may feel that they cannot serve you as thoughtful as possible. Rule number 1: Don’t come too early before the party. Don’t come too early before the party 2. Bring a gift to the host You can think it is obvious dinner guest etiquette to bring some a gift to the host, but there’re some things you might not know. Appetizers

5 things to do to on Veteran days

Veteran day November 11st is the day to honor people who served our country and also an opportunity to educate the youth about their sacrifice. If you are wondering how to show your appreciation to veterans on that day, here are some suggestions for  Veteran’s Day activities.   1. Volunteer The first thing you can do to  honor veterans  is to sign up to volunteer for Veteran's day. Some activities you can volunteer include: supporting veteran’s parades and visiting old veterans who live alone. Therefore, you will have the chance to meet veterans and to learn about their experiences. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to ask them about their glorious feats or simply some questions like what they do in the army ? Why did they join the army? Do they have any cool memories with their teammates? Don't ask sensitive questions like if they’ve killed anyone as it might evoke their painful memories. Some activities you can volunteer include supporting veteran’s parades. 2. V

How to protect yourself from Covid-19 on 2020 election day

  Recently Donald Trump – one of the two candidates for the US Presidential Election has claimed that he tested positive for Covid-19. This information may shock you, but it is not a surprise since we all know that Trump does not wear a mask regularly and has not had the correct evaluation of the terrible situation of the COVID pandemic . However, you are a US citizen and a voter who wants to vote and support your favorite candidate no matter how terrible the situation is. So, we would recommend you some ways to help you protect your health from Covid-19 on the 2020 Election Day on November 3rd, 2020. We would recommend you some ways to help you protect your health from Covid-19. 1. Wash your hands Remember to wash your hands properly with soap and water whenever you get home. In case you are going out and cannot wash your hand with water, you should always bring an alcohol-based sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol). To protect your hand carefully, you should put sanitizer enou