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Best Thanksgiving movies for your family

Thanksgiving is a great occasion for you to spend time relaxing with your family. After a big meal, what do you love to do most? It must be gathering on the couch while enjoying a Thanksgiving movie marathon. Our list of the best Thanksgiving movies below will help you make interesting choices for every taste, from classic, to modern! 1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for kids and family A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) is the name for people with classic taste in movies. The movie opens with Charlie Brown and Lucy are playing together, then Charlie and Sally visit their grandma for Thanksgiving supper. Suddenly, Peppermint Patty appears to join their dinner, followed by Marcie and Franklin. Charlie has no idea what to do until Snoopy and Woodstock come.  This movie will bring you the best memories of childhood Thanksgiving . Also, you can introduce your kids to this wonderful movie so that they will not miss one of the best Thanksgiving cartoons.   2. Garfield’s Thanksgiving Another

5 gifts to bring for Thanksgiving dinner

  This November, you are invited to the Thanksgiving supper at your friend’s. However, you still have no clue  what to brings for a Thanksgiving dinner . So, we are here to help you with 5 gift ideas that will bring you out of concern.  1. Pastry and dessert for Thanksgiving dinner Food is the most popular  Thanksgiving gift . You can buy some pastry like croissants, pumpkin pies, apple strudels, and macarons at a Bakery right before dinner. Remember to call the host a few days before to make sure they will not prepare that dish for the dinner. Besides, you can carry some desserts like cupcakes, donuts, ice-creams cookies, or tiramisu.  2. Flower for the host Like pastry and dessert, flowers are also a common  gift to bring for Thanksgiving dinner . In case you have no idea what your host likes for dinner, a bunch of flowers will be a safe choice. We recommend some kinds of flowers with yellow, orange, and red tones for the Thanksgiving dinner table, for example, sunflowers, re

How to prepare for Black Friday

It's nearly a month to Black Friday, one of the biggest sales in the United States. You might think that preparing for Black Friday from now on is too early, but it's not. Hunting for Black Friday deals and sales is a fierce battle, the better ready you are, the more advantage you will have. Check out 5 tips to  prepare for Black Friday  to help you save your money and energy! 1. Make a shopping list It’s time for you to start making a shopping list for Black Friday. In case you have a long list to buy, you’d better make an Excel file to record. In the list, you should include the name of the products and where to buy it. During Black Friday, there might be thousands of people hunting the bag you like, then, you should take note of some stores where you can buy your pieces of stuff in case they are out of stock in a store. 2. Make a plan B Life is full of surprises! You will never know if you are quick enough to get the pair of shoes that you have dreamed of for months. Hence

Best traditional foods for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that appeared on the last Thursday of November every year. This year, Thanksgiving will be held on November 26th. In the past, this event was used to celebrate the last harvest by a feast. Now, this holiday became an event for people to spend time with their family and show their gratefulness for all the things they have, also, meals are one of them. You will miss the spirit of  Thanksgiving  if you do not celebrate it with a big dinner! Are you wondering what will be included in that dinner? Then, keep reading this article because we will recommend you some   traditional food for Thanksgiving. You will miss the spirit of Thanksgiving if you do not celebrate it with a big dinner! Starter 1. Tangy Cranberry Meatballs This one is one of the easiest Thanksgiving appetizers that you can make. With some leftover cranberry sauce in the refrigerator and some  meatballs  (you can cook them yourself or buy at the supermarket). Remember to cook the sauce well in a pan a